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TR Restaurant & Bar + Lounge


About this event

In this class we will explore the depth of breath work followed by a sound healing meditation. Working with this breath can be a very efficient form of healing and transformation. This breath gets the thinking mind out of the way to explore other realms of our being for information. We can release stuck energy from the emotional and physical body as well as receive messages from the many layers of our being. This breath can bring clarity to situations in life that may have otherwise been overlooked. The experience is different every time and you will receive exactly what is needed at the time. The breath has a healing intelligence that can transcend the limitations of the mind.  The sound healing is there to guide and support the integration process. The combination is deeply healing and supportive. Everyone is always welcome. This is a weekly recurring event, runs from Feb 03, 2022 to Jan 5, 2023 every Thursday 11 am - 12 pm

Map & Directions

Map & Directions

3rd Eye Meditation Lounge & Elixir Bar, 1701 Toomey Road,, Travis-County, Texas, United States, 78704